Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lake House Decor Maps

"My Husband loved the map". That's what I like to hear from a satisfied customer. I shipped this map of Lake Murray a few weeks ago to a lady that was giving it as a gift to her husband. They are building a lake house on Lake Murray. Here's a few photo of the Lake Murray map.

Customer Email 7/19/17- Leo, My husband loved the map. He thought the fishing spots were really cool. Can't wait to get the house completed so we can hang it.....Its great…thanks again!(Lake Murray)

I add local waterfowl flying over the lake to add interest to the map. As you can see, The shadows of the geese give the map depth. 

Did you know that most of my customers are women? Yes, they are! They buy the maps for their husband or themselves.  

Float over to my website, LeoLakes.comFolks are discovering that these decor maps are wonderfully unique gifts that become family heirlooms. Oh yeah, I hide things in the lake waters, such as a tiny mermaid/fish. Folks love to search for them. Also, you can personalize your lake map with a star where your lake house is located.  I call my maps, treasured maps because most folks have that special body of water that they treasure. My treasured maps make a great gifts for the fisherman, lake lover, or Lake house. Order soon to avoid the rush!

All maps, 16x32 size and above, come with a Certificate of Authenticity, a poem, and a sheet covering interesting facts about your LeoLakes Decor Map. Here's the wonderful lake poem that my wife wrote about lakes, rivers, and bays.

"As I look over this beloved waterscape, The most amazing scenes appear in its wake, The sun arises above the shore, Giving grace and beauty to this place that I adore."  

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