Friday, January 29, 2021

Wedding Map

 I've been working on this special map of Watts Bar Lake. What makes it a special map other than being a Leo Lakes Map? Well, it's a wedding map.  

I have been doings, what I call, wedding maps for over ten years. Couples email me about painting a map of a lake that they either met, proposed, or were married on. Amazingly, more couples than you would think, have a connection to the lake and their relationship.

This customer asked that I add five special points of interest to this map. If you look closely, you may see them. The most interesting point is "She Said Yes". This definitely makes the map special. Hopefully, this map will become a family heirloom and passed down generation after generation. Hey, why not paddle over to and see more interesting treasured maps.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Lake house map of Kentucky Lake

 A beautiful Kentucky Lake map will make a great gift for the lake lover. It is unique because you can add a star to the location of your lake house and add a few words like " Johnson's Lake House".

Interestingly, I often get comments about the tiny mermaid hidden in the waters of all my maps. Folks love to tell me about the search for the mermaid. They say the children really enjoy hunting for her and are thrilled when they spot her in the waters. Oh yeah, some folks tell me that she moves, but I'm not sure that I believe that.

I've been doing lake, river and bay maps for approximately nine years. Over the years, I have experimented with different elements of map art in order to provide the best and most unique map on the market. Folks will be drawn to the map like a crackling fire on a cold winter night.  I try very hard to make my maps special by adding interest to the maps.
Also, each framed map or map over 16x32, comes with a certificate of authenticity, lake poem, and interesting facts abut the map. 

I have hundreds of maps on my website that can be purchased right from the site, or I can do custom and personalized vintage style lake maps, too. Lake maps will add beauty to your Lake House Decor! Find out more interesting facts about my treasured maps by going to